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Scotland is simply a breathtaking place to visit. You can indulge yourself in a more laid back kind of life as you surround yourself with manly men wearing the manliest skirt around. However, this place has more unusual yet surprisingly lovable treats you will surely enjoy.

Scotland is a bountiful land blessed with free-roaming produce wherever you look. Come join us as we take a trip towards some of the best things the Scots have to offer. Here are Scottish foods you must try when in Scotland.

Bacon Butty

Do you love the scent of freshly baked bread? How about a freshly cooked bacon? Or would you rather the aroma of a slowly melting butter in a pan? Which would you prefer? Why not all of those in a single bread of delight!

Yes, you heard it. Just simply describing it to you makes our mouth watery. The bacon butty is a simple and humble white roll filled with bacon and butter accompanied by either ketchup or brown sauce. If you ask us, you should try them both because regardless of your preference it’s a Scottish food that will taste heavenly.

Battered Chocolate Bars

Well, if you ever would like to feel what Thomas Edison felt when his light bulb started to work. There is no experience similar if not sweeter than to try out some of the battered chocolate bars from the Scots.

Find your way into any of the chippies in Scotland and ask for a battered chocolate bar. Here they will batter a chocolate bar of your choosing and then deep fry them until the chocolate is just about to melt.

A fair warning to you however if you wish to try this Scottish food. This is a fairly hot dessert since if you wait for it to cool down you will lose the point. However, jumping in and enduring the slight pain might prove rewarding since the crispy exterior compliments the melting interior very well.

We also forgot to warn you about how addicting this humble yet revolutionary snack can be.

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Wild Greylag Goose, Sweeney’s Pork Belly & Stornoway Black Pudding Scotch Pie • Smoked Tomato Chutney Greylag geese are a pest throughout the Hebridean Islands and cause untold damage the the Island crofts. They need to be controlled by being shot so are available for the table if you know who to ask. I have a few goose recipes in the book and this pie is definitely one of my favourites. Wild goose breasts are minced with @airanlot pork belly & Macleod & Macleod Stornoway Black pudding then mixed with game gravy, elderberry jelly, salt pepper, sage & spices and baked in a water pastry made with the rendered pork fat. This is one tasty pie! #newhebrideancuisine #newhebrideankitchen #haarrestaurant #hebrides #wildgoose #stornowayblackpudding #scotchpie

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Scotch Pie

In Texas, there are a lot of people who strive to put out the best bbq ribs. They even have competitions and crown whoever wins and produces the best bbq ribs yearly. Well, Scotland has this kind of thing going on as well. And the competition is way better.

The Scotch pie is a small yet hearty pie that is made with a double crust and then stuffed with meat or more specifically muttons. What makes this a meal you should eat is the competition behind it. Since everybody is aiming for the top you will always taste something new as well as never taste a scotch pie that is bad.


The infamous poster boy of Scottish dishes. The haggis is the most iconic national dish there is! Don’t believe us? Well just simply ask someone if they know any Scottish food and this beauty of a meal is the first thing that comes to mind.

Made with sheep’s pluck, that is the liver, lungs, heart as well as some spices, salt, oatmeal, onions and suet. All of these lovely things minced and placed in the lining of an animal’s stomach. Doesn’t sound, look, or even feel like it would taste heavenly. But trust us when we say, it probably is.

This takes a little bit of courage as the dish might look unappetizing but we can assure you that you will never find a dish as good as haggis.

Scottish Salmon

Scottish salmon is a produce that is revered around the world over. Known for its remarkable texture and its life-changing taste you will soon find yourself immersed in bliss after having a spoonful of this fish. It would truly be a waste to not taste this delicious produce in its hometown.

You can find Scottish salmon at the nearest high-end supermarket and try a dish of your own with it or you should just go to the nearest restaurant to enjoy it in all its glory. Truly a remarkable treasure amidst the simple and humble dishes you can come across in Scotland.

A Full Scottish

Nothing beats a full Scottish breakfast. While England might have their fancy English breakfast. This hearty Scottish food does not pull its punches. Rather than bacon and eggs, this set of dishes served together for breakfast takes you in a tour for your mouth. Giving you an idea of what culinary delights you might expect in your stay.

Black pudding, Lorne sausage, Tattie scones as well as haggis or white pudding depending on where you are staying. You should also request that the Tattie scones be served with a few lashings of butter since a lot of first timers think that the dish is bland at first.

Finishing this plate would surely leave you as full as a Scot. And what makes this better? Well most of the restaurants you will come across will serve this breakfast dish all day long, so do not look for any other. Go for the full Scottish breakfast experience whenever, wherever you like.

Bangers and Mash

You should accept any household invitation for some bangers and mash. This classic and loved dish Is a dish best looked forward to. Yes, albeit simple. This humble meal of mashed potatoes and sausages warms the heart straight up and does not stop there.

The mash is made with generous amounts of butter as well as milk. This results in a far fluffier and smoother mashed potato. The sausage does not disappoint as well since it is made with high-quality, locally-raised meat. You can also expect unusually fantastic and creative flavors mixed inside the sausages like apples, peaches, or even venison and oatmeal! You will never know what is on those sausages and you will never regret that you try.

Scotland might be the most underestimated country when it comes to their culinary prowess. However, if you visit this breathtaking place and try their Sottish food with an open mind and mouth. You will soon find out that every Scottish food is a meal to die for.