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8 South Korean Dishes You Should Try

South Korea is already a popular country for its many quirks and lovable people. Most aspiring tourists would tell you that South Korea is popular for their technology as well as their idol groups. But ask any person who has been to South Korea and they will all tell...

How to Eat Balut Like a Filipino

Balut is a notorious dish known for being vile and unbearable to eat from people around the world except for the Philippines. Traveling there, you would hear a Filipino ask you to try every now and then because they like the mortified looks tourists get once they see...

Brazil Food Guide: 12 Marvelous Dishes To Try

Brazil food guide? We've got you covered! When you find yourself visiting brilliant Brazil. It is best to have an open mind as well as a large appetite. Yes, here, you can find yourself enjoying Brazil food just as much as you are enjoying the scenes and sights. Truly...

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