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Best Myrtle Beach restaurants? Here you go.

Myrtle Beach is an extraordinary place to visit during your vacation. From its pristine ocean to its astonishing waves you will find yourself loving this place more than where you are returning to once your vacation is over.

Surely enough, while the scenery and beauty of the beaches take a lot of what makes Myrtle Beach a beauty. We should look shoreward towards what the restaurants around them could provide to compliment such an amazing place.

Join us as we turn our back to the ocean in search of the best place to dine in Myrtle Beach.

Collector’s Café

If you are looking for the best place to take pictures, then it might be in your best interest to go and visit the collector’s café. Known for its picturesque spots as well as its stunning dining menu. A smooth blend between a fine dining restaurant and an art gallery, marvelously designed with its many choices of different rooms including private rooms.

This restaurant really encourages its visitors to relax on beautifully intricate wing-backed armchairs as well as to revel in their sophisticated tables covered in the whitest tablecloths.

When it comes to the food, you can expect nothing less from their amazing cooks for their Mediterranean themed dishes will surely steal the show from an already amazing performance. The peer satisfaction of your sensory pleasures makes the collector’s café a must to visit.

The Library

Here you can find yourself taken to an altogether different world. This place is brilliant. With their tuxedoed waiters and high-quality menu, you will surely want a taste off all of these.

The Library takes pride in its European and continental cuisine that has been bringing back customers since 1974. The highlights of their menu consist of filet mignon handled with care and finished with pinpoint perfection accompanied by a Parisian mushroom sauce that will leave you breathless.

Other choices are oysters accompanied by spinach and bacon as well as their extensive wine collection.

There are also tableside flamed dishes that you can order, food that is cooked right beside your table.

The Library also offers private rooms for parties as well as smaller rooms that are good for two which they call the proposal room.

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Mr. Fish

If you are looking for seafood meals, then you should go and visit Mr. Fish. It is a family run establishment that is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Known for the extensive knowledge of the infamous seafood connoisseur and fisherman Ted Hammerman as well as his daughter’s culinary prowess. You will surely receive perfection on a plate.

This place is known for its food rather than its decorations so if you are looking for a place that is all spark and no substance then this place is not for you. However, if you are looking for the best fish meal of your life, Then Mr. Fish cannot be beaten. This is a place that packs a considerable amount of punch despite its lackluster interior.

SeaBlue Restaurant

There is another seafood option for you and that is the SeaBlue restaurant. This restaurant sets itself apart from the competition by providing their customers with a contemporary twist to both its dishes and its décor.

Chef Kenneth Norcutt who handles the kitchen of SeaBlue restaurant doesn’t get held down by the rules of meals, instead, he lets his creative side dominate. Sporting creative interpretations of meals offering new insight as well as opening up possibilities for how beautiful dishes can be made.

An innovative and marvelous place to be part of when you have an open mind. Because of the creative freedom the chef has in his kitchen you can’t expect anything less than a crab cake with chipotle lime aioli. Or even a duck breast and chili chocolate dusting served with potatoes roasted in duck fat. You should visit and be amazed by what this restaurant and its kitchen would have in store for you.

Rockefellers Raw Bar

If you are looking to relax and enjoy a simple, humble and hearty meal with cold beer on hand then there is no denying. Rockefellers is the place you should stop by. Known for its casual yet astonishing dishes. Enjoy the massive selection of beers as you watch the bartender prepare the meal right on the spot in a steam kettle.

This beautiful restaurant also has “Happy hour” promos which would be perfect if you are having quality time with your friends. Delicious food, a warm and comfortable place to sit and beer that is always cold. Need you ask for more?

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Carolina Roadhouse

This place puts a great deal of importance in making food fun. Generous portion sizes, comfort food dishes all year round as well as a creative drink menu. But they do not stop there. Known for their tender and attractive ribs as well as their world famous “Killer Dog” which is a footlong hotdog grilled and served on a bun, buried in French fries and cheese with a generous amount of hot sauce to top it all off.

From the entrance till you take a seat, you will surely have smiles all over and once your attention is fixated on the open-show kitchen as well as the towering palm tree in the middle you will surely have the time of your life here, that is a guarantee.