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Brazil food guide? We’ve got you covered!

When you find yourself visiting brilliant Brazil. It is best to have an open mind as well as a large appetite. Yes, here, you can find yourself enjoying Brazil food just as much as you are enjoying the scenes and sights.

Truly after getting a taste of these heart-warming dishes they serve from the streets to the finest restaurant you’ll get an idea that Brazil loves their food just as much as they love their football. And trust us when we say, Brazil really loves football.

Join us as we take a deep dive into Brazilian snacks, dishes and desserts that you should try should you find yourself there.

Tapioca crepe

Often sold at street stalls the Tapioca crepe is well beloved by tourists from around the world. It is definitely a must have for people who visit Brazil. This popular dessert or snack can be served with either cheese, tomato and ham or chocolate, strawberries, bananas and nuts.

Regardless of what you are craving at the moment, you can be sure that the Tapioca crepe can satiate it.

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Quindim de Mel Ingredientes: ✓11gemas ✓2ovos inteiros ✓1/2 xícara de chá (120ml)de mel florada silvestre ou laranjeira @casademeldobrasil 1/2xicara de chá (120 ml )de coco ralado sem açúcar 1colher de sopa de óleo de coco ou manteiga derretida . 1/3 de xícara de chá de leite de coco Pitada de sal . Unte forminhas de empada ou próprias para quindim com manteiga e polvilhada com açúcar demerara , reserve Coloque água para ferver para o banho Maria . Em um bowl misture com um fouet delicadamente todos os ingredientes , com uma concha encha as forminhas com a massa , coloque as forminhas em uma forma retangular ,e despeje água quente com cuidado até metade das forminhas ,leve para assar em forno pré-aquecido 180 graus por aproximadamente 20 a 25 minutos ou até ficar levemente dourado e firme por cima ,após deixe amornar , retirar das forminhas e levar para gelar . #mel #abelha #sobremesa #quindim

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Now if you have a sweet tooth, then you would love a Brazilian Quindim. The country’s enhanced version of flan with added coconut flakes, you will not stop searching for a bite of this Brazil food once you have tasted it.

Prawn Skewers

Who does not love a prawn? In Brazil, the street vendors often sell these scrumptious meals around the beach areas. The aroma of a prawn slowly grilling with generous amounts of butter will surely make you weak to the knees. Even more so if you take a bite. Try this Brazil food, and you will never regret it.

Misto Quente

If you are in search of a light snack, then walk your way to the nearest Brazilian snack bars or food trucks and get yourself one of these. Half a cup of French baguette grilled till crisp topped off with melted cheese and a generous amount of ham as well. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the bread crackle except for the taste of course.

Moqueca de Camarão

If stew is more your style, then Brazil has a carnival of meals you can dive into. One stew meal we should mention however is the Moqueca de camarão a beloved dish only genuinely cooked in Bahia. This Brazil food is comprised of slow-cooked prawns, coconut oil as well as its mild and a selection of vegetables.

Different regions have their different take on the said dish, but regardless of where you taste it, we can assure you, it will be breathtaking.

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Bom dia com muitas delícias para sua Festa Junina ! @tudoarrumado Não passe vontade sozinha!! Marque uma amiga!! 🥜PAÇOCA DE COLHER🥜 🔸️Amendoim moído para decorar 🔸️1 lata de creme de leite sem soro 🔸️1 colher de sopa de manteiga 🔸️1 1/2 xicara de chá de leite 🔸️1 lata de leite condensado 🔸️300 gr de amendoim sem pele tostado Preparo: Pique grosseiramente o amendoim. Em uma panela, coloque a manteiga, o leite e o leite condensado. Cozinhe em fogo baixo até a mistura começar a desgrudar da panela. Retire do fogo e coloque o amendoim picado e o creme de leite. Distribua a mistura em copinhos e decore com amendoim moído. Pode servir frio ou quente! Simples , fácil de fazer e gostosa!! Principalmente nessa época de frio e festas juninas. . . . . . . foto e receita #home #mesadoces #cozy #tableware #festajunina #dessert #sobremesa #facildefazer #casinhachique #dicatudoarrumado #dessert #inspirations #ideas #gastronomia #detail #instafood #delíciasnocopinho #paçocanocopinho #paçocadecolher #tudoarrumadooficial #paçoca #vamosreceber #pradarmaissaboravida #meseirasassumidas #casaecomida #tudoarrumado

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Paçoca is a humble dessert served in a cylindrical shape. A lot of people have a hard time explaining the flavor as well as the texture and aftertaste, but the closest we can get to explaining it is by how the peanut filling of Reese’s Peanut butter cups taste like. But that is still way off from what a real genuine Paçoca taste like. Go ahead and try it and tell us what you think.

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Mandioca Frita

Fried cassava is another unforgettable finger food that you should at least try in your visit to Brazil. Aside from this tasting and feeling better compared to the potatoes you are accustomed to, you will come to appreciate such a humble and delicious Brazil food. And that is not all. the fried cassava is also a healthier option compared to the normal French fries we are accustomed to.


Now, if you are looking for something a little bit closer to home. then you should try the famous street food Joelho. This thick bread pastry with ham and cheese on the inside does not disappoint in making you feel good about yourself. Try it, it’s worth the cheat day


Brazilians love their sweets maybe too much. The brigadeiro is the culmination of a majestic dessert made by people who love dessert.

Balls of truffles made with condensed milk and then generously covered in chocolate as well as sprinkles, you can easily imagine trading donuts for these small bite sizes of sweet goodness.

There are also different flavors available if you are not that into chocolate, throughout the years there have been unusual yet satisfying versions that have been added to the selection like white chocolate as well as a strawberry variation too. Trust us when we say this dessert is to die for.


Canjica is a bowl made up of whole pieces of white corn mixed with milk, a generous amount of coconut milk as well as condensed milk to make an oozy, creamy and salivating dessert. Topped with cinnamon and even sometimes coconut shavings, you will find yourself enjoying this simple dish made up of mostly milk and love.

Romeu and Julieta

Did we mention that Brazil is also a romantic country? Well, the Romeu and Julieta might sound familiar but this version ends better than that of the books. You see the Romeu and Julieta is a peculiar combination that no other country has discovered.

It is guava jam or pastes placed in between two slices of white cheese. This surprisingly delicious Brazil food also can be used as the centerpiece of a cake, pie, pastel. But you should honestly just enjoy it as is, guava jam and cheese.

Pão de Queijo

Another specialty you can find in Brazil is the Pão de Queijo this dish might come to you as lackluster, however, do not let that deceive you. This humble piece of bread stores a delightful flavor inside. The crunchy outside makes you love the smooth mushy inside even more since they complement one another perfectly